By Ricardo Baca

As you likely know, Weed Firm quietly became the No. 1 free game app in Apple’s App Store less than a month after its release. On May 20, less than a week after the free game hit No. 1, Apple yanked Weed Firm from the App Store.

It got us thinking: There are certain truisms in Weed Firm -- and among those of us who play Weed Firm. What have we learned from the hours we’ve lost playing the popular game, letting the gangsters kick our butts, precariously watering the pot plants with small water bottles, paying off the cops, ignoring the advances of Jane the stripper and growing some premium Purple Haze?

25 things I’ve learned from Weed Firm:

1. You know that WFWs (Weed Firm Withdrawls) are very real:

2. Because everybody loves Weed Firm:

3. And we mean everybody loves Weed Firm

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