A 19-year-old Texas man facing life in prison for allegedly making and selling marijuana-laced brownies faced a judge last week in a case that highlights the urgent need for nationwide marijuana decriminalization.

Jacob Lavoro could face anywhere from five years to life in prison for the brownies; the maximum penalty is so high because the treats not only contained marijuana, but hash oil as well.

Police say they knocked on Lavoro's door, got permission to search his apartment and found hash oil and brownies packaged up for sale. They also found more than $1,600 and an alleged list of Lavoro's clients. Cops weighed the brownies and their ingredients, as well as the drugs, before determining the amount he had in his possession.

"It's really frightening, it really is," Lavoro told local news. "It's putting me in a really scary situation and honestly, I can't stop crying about it."

According to local reports, supporters rallied on the lawn of the Williamson County courthouse an hour before Lavoro's hearing began on Thursday.