REGISTRATION for Exhibitors and Judges.

8 AM to 6 PM
Get Lucky, Keizersgracht 705

9 AM to 4 PM
Sugar Factory,

10 AM to 6 PM
Sugar Factory

A limited number of tickets are available. To insure a ticket, buy a pass in advance.

If you are arriving late to the event, tickets may be available (the price goes down to 100 euro on 11/24), but you are gambling the event will not sell out. We are anticipating an early sell-out this year and will announce on the website when the box office closes.

Expo passes go on sale 11/21 at the Sugar Factory and cost 40 euro. The price drops 10 euro per day. A limited number of expo passes will be available.

Press must contact us prior to the event. Press passes are limited to TV and print until they run out.

The Expo sold out on 10/27.

Exhibitors must bring a sample of any product(s) they want to enter into the Product competition. There is a 50 euro registration fee for each product. Small booth=1 product limit, medium booth=2 product limit, large booth=3 product limit. Sponsors may enter up to four products. You cannot enter the product competition unless you bring a sample of each product to registration.