If you are interested in exhibiting or sponsoring the 18th Cannabis Cup, the deadline for sponsorships and ads in the guide is August 22.

The 4-day expo will the held at the Sugar Factory, a new club located next door to the Melkweg. You can check out their website here:


The Opening Ceremonies and Awards Show will be held at the Melkweg. Other nightime shows at other venues will be announced soon at cannabiscup.com

Sponsors receive two backstage passes and four competitor passes (total of six passes), large booth at the Sugar Factory for all four days, half price off all entry fees (it costs 1,000 euro to enter a strain of cannabis, and 50 euro to enter a product), company logo on the official poster, full page ad in the guide. Becoming a sponsor is the best way to increase your visibility at the event. The price is 3,000 euros to companies in Europe. If your company is located outside of Europe and you pay all fees by August 22, you can receive a sponsor package for only $3,000. Send check or money order payable to High Times Productions, to High Times Cannabis Cup, c/o Michelle, 419 Park Avenue South, 16th Floor, New York City 10016.

A small expo booth (1/3rd of a table) costs 500 euros and comes with one competitor pass.

A medium expo booth (2/3rds of a table) costs 1,000 euro and comes with two competitor passes.

A large expo booth (whole table plus three chairs) costs 1,500 euro and comes with three competitor passes.

Companies outside of Europe can save money by paying all fees in dollars instead of euros, but only if all money is received by High Times no later than August 22.

Entering the Event: If you are a seed company or Amsterdam coffeeshop, you may enter the cannabis competition. Seed companies are allowed to enter up to two strains, one mostly sativa, one mostly indica. Coffeeshops are allowed to enter one strain of cannabis, one strain of nederhash and one strain of imported hash. You must suppply 30 grams of each cannabis strain and 20 grams of each hash strain. Fee is 1,000 euro for first strain and 500 euros for each additional strain. Only exhibitors and sponsors are allowed to enter a product. Any eatable form of cannabis (as in space cakes, etc.), must be entered into the product competition. Any product can be entered, as long as it has not won the Product Cup in a previous competition (unless a substantial improvement has been made in the product since it won). There is a 50 euro fee to enter a product and you must bring one sample with you to registration so it can be photographed and videotaped. Coffeeshop registration will take place on Nov. 12; seed company registration on Nov. 15, and product registration on Nov 17. If you cannot come early to attend registration, please let us know in advance so we know you are coming late.

If you want to become a sponsor or an exhibitor, contact templedragon@earthlink.net.