Featuring the induction of Stephen Gaskin into the Counterculture Hall of Fame; all events held in the Old Hall Melkweg unless otherwise indicated.

Nov. 20: Pre-registration for early arrivals: Noon to 4:20. Location TBA.

Nov. 21:

Registration starts at 1 PM in the Judge's Lounge (Old Hall) at Melkweg.

3 PM Wake & Bake Amsterdam, the good morning show that gives you everything you need to know to get started on a great Cannabis Cup experience.

4:20 PM Opening Ceremonies; open to judges only. Meet the panel of experts and hear their thoughts about top strains entered into the > Cup.

World Premiere!
Top 20 Hits from the High Times Archives, musical highlights from past 15 years of events unveiled for the first time during the ceremonial offerings of the top entries. Open to judges only positively no guests allowed.

7PM Highwitness News: The day's news on the top coffeeshops and seed
companies as selected by the official panel of experts.

7:30 PM: Heads vs. Feds—The Great Marijuana Debate. World Premiere! Cup Founder Steven Hager takes on former head of the New York DEA Robert Stutman on the issue of legalization of marijuana.

9 PM: The Baked Show: Interviews with cannabis celebrities of the moment.

10 PM: Tall Brothers of Vancouver play the reefer classics.

Nov. 22:

Sponsor Expo Opens; Visitor Pass goes on sale.

3 PM Wake & Bake Amsterdam: Meet the three top ranked coffeeshops and hear the experts predict which shops are likely to capture the People's Cup.

4:20: The Grow Show featuring a cultivation seminar by Aryan of Greenhouse Coffeeshop & Seed Company.

7 PM Highwitness News report

World Premiere!
8 PM "Saint Stephen" documentary on Stephen Gaskin directed by Steven Hager, immediately followed by Monday Night Class with Gaskin.

The Homegrown Band to follow Monday Night Class

Nov. 23:

Polls open at the Melkweg

3 PM Wake & Bake Amsterdam

4:20: The Grow Show featuring cultivation seminar by Soma of Soma Seeds

7 PM Highwitness News

World Premiere!
8 PM: "High Times History of Comedy", featuring the funniest moments in
cannabis comedy.

9 PM The Baked Show

10 PM Vegitation

Nov. 24:

3 PM Wake & Bake Amsterdam

4:20 The Grow Show featuring grow seminar by Adam of THSeeds.

7 PM Highwitness News

8 PM The Cannabis Cup DVD
director's 60 minute cut.

9 PM The Baked Show

10 PM Artery

Polls close at Melkweg at Midnight

Nov. 25 :

4:20 PM: Sponsor party with Top 20 High Times Archive Hits Redux.

8 PM Awards Ceremony at the Melkweg Main Hall,including the induction of Stephen Gaskin into
the Counterculture Hall of Fame, followed by After Party in the Old Hall with Vegitation.

Nov. 26: 4:20 Ceremony at winning Coffeeshop