Calm down PETA, no animals actually got high during the production of this post. And just for the record, we here at HIGH TIMES do not condone sharing cannabis with pets.

1. This tiger can’t believe how awesome that stupid joke you told him is.


2. This mouse cannot STOP with FLOWERS!!!


3. This turtle cannot deal with your string-theory rambling, alright friend?


4. This sloth just can’t make it to the other side.


5. These meerkats can’t believe how comfy this patch of dirt is.


6. This red panda cannot get off of this branch. He is totally tree-locked.


7. This salamander CAN’T BELIEVE how freaking AMAZING that bong rip was!


8. This snake can’t wait to strike that dab rig.


9. This hedgehog cannot go home to his parents yet. He needs a minute.


10. This capybara can’t wait for you to puff and pass.


11. This owl cannot believe you spent $500 on an ounce of Sour Diesel.


12. This frog can’t tell you how amazing the green life is… you must be one with it.


13. This seal cannot deal with your insistence that the moon landing was faked.


14. This puffer fish can’t get over how pretty you look right now.


15. This dog thinks his owners need to put the bong down already.