NBC News is the latest organization to record nationwide majority support for marijuana legalization. Fifty-five percent (55%) of Americans surveyed would support laws in their state like Washington and Colorado, where adults 21 and older are allowed to possess and use cannabis. Another 24% of respondents would not seek to repeal a legalization law if it was passed in their state.

As usual, people under age 35 overwhelmingly support legalization by a 49-point margin, while people over age 65 oppose legalization by a 21-point margin. Democrats are for legalization by 34 points and Independents favor legalization by 21 points, while Republicans oppose legalization by 23 points. There remains a gender gap, 59% of men support legalization vs. 51% of women. White Americans’ support of legalization lags behind African-Americans and Hispanics.

This marks the fifteenth poll in the past five years that has recorded majority support for legalization. Eleven separate organizations have contributed, including Angus Reid Global Monitor (52%, 53%, 54%, 55%), CBS News (51%), CNN (55%), Gallup (50%, 58%), NBC News (55%), Pew Center (52%), Public Policy Polling (58%), Quinnipiac University (51%), Rasmussen (56%), SurveyUSA (50%) and Zogby (52%).