"Breaking Bad," the critically acclaimed TV series centered around crystal meth dealer Walter White, is airing its finale this Sunday, September 29 at 9pm on AMC. Meth, which goes by many names, gives users a euphoric high, but it’s nothing to mess with -- it’s highly addictive, side effects range from tooth decay to psychosis and, as the show has so brilliantly illustrated, it can ruin lives. Here are some of the many names and forms of meth that have bedeviled Walter White and Jesse Pinkman.

1. Meth
Short for methamphetamine, obviously! The original slang for the psychostimulant.

2. Shard
So called for its shard-like crystals -- hell on the nose if you’re snorting it. Yeowch!

3. Ice
No, not that thing where you make someone chug Smirnoff Ice. That thing where it’s meth.

4. Glass
If it’s clear as glass, that’s good enough for meth.

5. Shaboo
A term that hails from the Pacific -- the Philippines or Hawaii, depending on which meth expert you ask.

6. Crystal
Meth in its powder crystalline form. Sounds pretty? Never trust a name.

7. Okie Coke
Like “hillbilly heroin,” this is trailer trash slang. That ain’t no cocaine, and GIT OFF MY LAWN!

8. Tweak
Meth = tweak. Taking it = tweaking. Not to be confused with twerking.

9. Tina
A diminutive meaning “little one.” Or in this case, a little bag. Of meth!

10. Batunas
Maybe a Hawaiian term? Only the batunas knows.

11. Crank
It will wind you right up, and watch you go, grinding your teeth all the way.

12. Chicken Feed
A small amount of pocket change... or just enough meth to get you tweaking.