Throughout human history, stoners have always sought the best way to get stoned. Let’s examine them closely!

Device: Joint
Tokability: Depends on who’s rolling.
Advantages: You really taste your strain.
Disadvantages: Mononucleosis
Overall Rating: A classic!

Device: Blunt
Tokability: Kill two joneses with one stone.
Advantages: Added dizziness effect!
Disadvantages: Added vomit effect.
Overall Rating: No one can tell that your personal stash sucks.

Device: Spliff
Tokability: For advanced stoners only.
Advantages: Jah, Rastafari!
Disadvantages: A $250 joint
Overall Rating: If it was good enough for Bob Marley…

Device: Wood Pipe
Tokability: Extreme mellowosity
Advantages: Your bowl seems to last forever!
Disadvantages: That’s because your bowl is on fire.
Overall Rating: Expect harshness, but it’s the world’s oldest way to smoke.

Device: Metal Pipe
Tokability: OK, if you like metallic flavor in your pot.
Advantages: When your house burns down, it survives.
Disadvantages: Third-degree burns. Metal cools slowly.
Overall Rating: Poor, but your pipe can double as a weapon!

Device: Glass pipe
Tokability: Smooth as silk.
Advantages: Easy to clean and conceal.
Disadvantages: Gravity does its evil deed.
Overall Rating: Glass kicks ass!

Device: Waterpipe/Bong
Tokability: Delicious, pristine hits.
Advantages: The most bang for your buck.
Disadvantages: Do you know a good carpet cleaner?
Overall Rating: Not uncommon for stoners to become romantically involved with their piece.

Device: Hookah
Tokability: You suck and suck and suck…
Advantages: Great for parties.
Disadvantages: Kiss your stash good-bye.
Overall Rating: Not for the lung-challenged.

Device: Chillum
Tokability: Perfect – if you have three hands!
Advantages: Name sounds cool.
Disadvantages: You swallow your hit.
Overall Rating: Rarely worth the trouble.

Device: Table-Top Vaporizer
Tokability: Like smoking out of R2D2.
Advantages: Lengthy instructions and set-up time help you to conserve weed.
Disadvantages: Whatever happened to a pack of matches?
Overall Rating: Stoners often find themselves wondering: “Did I actually get a hit?”

Device: Vapor Pens
Tokability: Outstanding.
Advantages: Utter stealth and secrecy.
Disadvantages: Expect major stress if you can’t recharge the battery.
Overall Rating: Designed for the modern Stone Age!