I’ve been photographing glass smokeware for HIGH TIMES since it first burst onto the scene back in the mid-1990s. When the glass wave hit, it changed the paraphernalia industry forever. No longer was the marketplace relegated to metal and wood pipes. Overnight, head shops exchanged their inventory for glass and, literally, thousands of glass artist wannabes tried their hand behind the torch.

As a photographer, I always prefer the Great Outdoors to a studio setting. Of course, that makes it harder on me. Hauling around a truckload of glass in your car looking for backdrop can be problematic. Pipes are illegal in a lot of places. The simple act of taking a picture of a beautiful bong in a public setting can be a reason for cops to investigate and ruin my day in a big way.

So in my career, I’ve taken glass smokeware to a lot of out-of-the way places and the result has been an archive of unique shots that hold a lot great memories, like these below.

It's unlikely that a marlin can be found in Nevada's Lake Mead, but there's definitely one onshore. This marlin pipe is by Malia.

This was a tough shot to pull off with hotel security cruising the parking lot of the Luxor in Las Vegas. Bongs and steamroller by Space Glass.

This pipe by Dreamaway Glass sits on the dry lake bed of the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah.

The red rocks of Sedona, AZ were an ideal setting for these two pipes. By Grass Roots

Red Rock Canyon outside of Las Vegas is one of my favorite place to shoot. This shark pipe by One of a Kind Glass caught the morning sunrise.

In the movies, monsters are always attacking New York City. But you can make friends with this smoking spider and survive.

Sometimes city sidewalks make great settings for pipe shots. Pipe by Dopeass Glass.

It's a showdown between two standing bubblers shooting it out in the Valley of Fire of Nevada. Pipes by Treetop Glass.

The palette of soft colors in Red Rock Canyon matches the hues of Mystic Glass perfectly.

Two bongs from Spectrum 69 take a stroll on the boardwalk of the Coney Island, NY amusement park.