Cooking and eating are always going to be an integral part of being high, so why not augment the experience by adding some fun and useful gadgets and tools to your culinary arsenal? With a few key purchases, you’ll be able to amp up your smoking (and subsequent munchie) sessions in ways you may have never imagined.

From ice cream and popsicle makers to non-stick pans for eggs and brownies, there are an array of inventions that make your life easier and even more awesome, and often they don’t cost very much.

Check out the following list and see if you’d be happy adding any of the items to your kitchen stash. Then, post your comments and let us know YOUR favorite stoner kitchen tools and if we should add any to our next list. 


Zoku Quick Pop Maker

If there were one thing for stoners to complain about after taking one toke too many, it would be the often-overwhelming sensation of dry-mouth that creeps in like a skeevy dude trying to pick up 3am stragglers at your local dive bar. Veteran bluntsmen understand that the best way to combat this irritating feeling is with an icy, refreshing popsicle, and unless you have a freezer stocked with top-o’-the-line treats, the most amazing way to hydrate the desert within your mouth is to make your own pops with the revolutionary Zoku Quick Pop Maker.  

This contraption is amazing. Let it sit overnight (or for several hours) in your freezer to get itself ready; then, fill ‘er up with any of your favorite drinkable liquids (not pee, you guys), insert the plastic popsicle sticks, and let the Zoku go to work. In about three minutes, you’ll have fully formed popsicles in whatever flavor you want, and you’re free to mix, match, and even make crazy designs in your pops with the use of straws and other tricks. Zoku even supplies drip trays that click onto their popsicle sticks, so if you’re a slow slurper, you won’t get your shirt stained as punishment for your lack of speed. We recommend using fruit nectars, certain sodas, juices, and even yogurt. This “toy” will change your life as a pothead.


Apple Cutter/Corer

Stoners and sharp knives don’t always go hand-in-hand (sometimes, they go blade to hand, which is not so good). That’s why this nifty device is perfect for hungry high-people: it eliminates the danger aspect from preparing apples, one of the healthiest -- and most delectable -- munchies known to man. All you need is a little pressure and this thing will core and section any apple (or pear, may we add) to make your munching fast, easy, and free of any severed phalanges.


Ice cream maker

While not as refreshing at watery popsicles, ice cream is right up at the top of the list of “Best Stoner Snacks.” If you’re a creative and not-so-lazy type, this machine will work wonders for you. Recipes are super-easy to make, and with a little practice, you can start inventing your own crazy flavors (chocolate, bacon, goat cheese and fig ice cream, anyone?). Do a little research to find out which size and brand is right for your abode - we like this one because it cranks out a healthy-sized batch each time to use it.


Perfect Brownie Pan

Whether they’re laced or not, your brownies will benefit from this handy pan that cooks and divides your baked goods perfectly, without any frustrating sticking, uneven cooking, or crumbling into a million pieces. Cleanup is a breeze, as well, and you can see one blogger’s success with using the pan when you follow the link above.


Non-stick omelet pan

If ever the upright citizens in charge of designing anti-marijuana propaganda decided on using a culinary-theme in their posters, they’d surely go with the classic image of an idiot whose over-easy eggs got stuck to the frying pan because he forgot to use one with teflon coating. Don’t let them win! Get yourself one non-stick pan, if only to use for eggs, and never let this scenario be your fate. 


Weed leaf baking pan

Way more than just for novelty, this silicone pan can be used to make all kinds of sweet edibles for you and your crew to satisfy your appetites during the most gnarly of snack-attacks. Use your imagination to come up with chocolates, candies, and other special sweets that require the use of this extraordinary material.


Fred and Friends Mister Tea Infuser

One look at Mister Tea and you’ll know he’s been smoking the good shit, too. Fill him up with your favorite loose tea (and anything else you’d like mixed in) and perch him up on your cup - his arms allow him to hang out while the leaves infuse their flavor and potent, healing qualities into your hot water. It’s perfect for adding an extra element of relaxation in your cipher - and also for defeating dry-mouth.

Cherry stoner

If only for its name, the cherry stoner is an unnecessary luxury that you may want to add to your culinary arsenal. For what it’s worth, removing the pesky pits from these small stone fruits without the use of your teeth and tongue (and constant spitting) is probably not a bad idea, especially if you’re known to scarf these suckers down by the poundful after blazing up the Purple Urk. Different versions abound across the internet, so choose one that best matches your inner chi/qi. 


Water Infuser

Fuck tap water: I want my bong hits filtered with ice cold Fiji that’s been soaking in grapefruit and tangelo peels ALL DAY. On the real, that can become your reality - and you can even drink that shit, too - when you pick up one of these water infusers. It’ll keep your liquid safe from seeds, pits and pulp, and cleanup is quick - just toss it in your dishwasher and you’re done, son.

Electronic Smoker

No, we’re not talking e-cigs, fellas. This one goes out to all the meat-lovers, those who put smoking OG Kush and Durban Poison on the same pedestal as smoking brisket or pork shoulder. As if you didn’t have enough smoke billowing through your world already, this electronic smoker will add an entire new dimension of flava to your hazy days.