Stoner characters have been in some of the greatest movies of all time, or at least the funniest. Here's a selection of our favorites. Head to our Facebook page and let us know who yours are.

10. Floyd -- True Romance

Floyd in True Romance
Brad Pitt’s character only has a few minutes of screen time, but like Christopher Walken and James Gandolifini, Pitt squeezes every possible bit of character from the Tarantino script. Floyd is probably the best looking stoner ever.

9. Towelie -- "South Park"

Towelie from South Park

Ah, Towelie, everyone’s favorite sentient beach necessity. Created by a nefarious corporation for equally nefarious purposes…well, really created by Trey Parker and Matt Stone because why-the-hell-not? Is he in fact the worst character ever?

8. Ron Slater -- Dazed and Confused

Slater from Dazed and Confused
Ron Slater is a stoner with a heart of gold, a guy who knows that one quality girl is better than any quantity of girls. So what if he doesn’t even have one quality girl? The guy knows what’s up.

7. Marty – Cabin in the Woods

Marty from Cabin in the Woods
Everyone knows it: if you smoke weed in a horror movie, you’re probably going to die. Still, poor stoner bastards continue to pop up in slasher films only to have knives shoved through their throats. When will they learn? As a matter fact, one of them did. Here’s to Marty. Everyone needs to watch Cabin in the Woods. Tonight.

6. Anyone from Pineapple Express

Pinapple ExpressObvious, but unavoidable. And hilarious. All the principal cast members qualify: James Franco as the cloying dealer, Seth Rogen pas the straight-but-stoned smoker, Danny McBride as the invincible Daewoo driving mofo, 

5. Shaggy -- "Scooby Doo"

Okay, okay, he never actually smokes in frame, but was it ever really a secret that Shaggy and Scoob were baked 24/7? They eat enormous amounts of food, they can’t focus on a damn thing other than food. They’re were sure as hell smoking something.

4. Thurgood Jenkins -- Half Baked

Before Dave Chapelle was Dave Chapelle, he was Thurgood Jenkins, a pothead just trying to get his friend out of jail and win Mary Jane, the girl of his dreams.

3. Bill and Ted -- Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure

I guess Bill and Ted just slip out of frame to smoke, because they definitely don’t waste a second of their time with that sober bullshit. Nah, they’re too busy kicking ass in the past to deal with that shiz.

2. The Dude -- The Big Lebowski

The man, the meme, the obliterated bowler who’s just trying to chill: Lebowski is apathetic excellence drowning in drinks and dreams. The Dude is the man.

1. Cheech and Chong -- Anything
They’re more or less the kings of stoner comedy, and they deserve that mantle. No one before or since has shown the sheer dedication, the force of will necessary to blow through however many pounds of schwag they shredded over the years. Kudos.