High Times Presents: The U.S. Cannabis Cup


Oklahoma and Nebraska Are Still Trying to Shut Down the Colorado Cannabis Industry

Although the U.S. Supreme Court recently rejected a lawsuit brought forth by Oklahoma and Nebraska demanding the immediate shutdown of the Colorado cannabis industry, a new report indicates the two prohibition states have not stopped devising war tactics to sabotage legal...

Behind Michigan's Medical Marijuana Raids: Could More Regulations Prevent Police Intervention?

What led to raids on medical marijuana dispensaries in Michigan?

Could Marijuana Help Treat Painkiller and Heroin Addiction?

The growing number of patients who claim marijuana helped them drop their painkiller habit has intrigued lawmakers and emboldened advocates, who are pushing for cannabis as a treatment for the abuse of opioids and illegal narcotics like heroin, as well as an alt...

The White House "Bud Summit" Was a Total Bust

Bud summit of marijuana legalization activists at the White House never happened. 

Utah Candidate for Governor Reveals Wife Under Criminal Investigation for Marijuana

Utah candidate for governor Mike Weinholtz said his wife Donna Weinholtz is under criminal investigation for medical marijuana use. 



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