High Times Presents: The U.S. Cannabis Cup


Maine: Medical Marijuana Industry Call Organizers Working to End Prohibition “Scumbags”

While a national cannabis advocacy group works to bring down the beast of prohibitionary times for every adult citizen in the state of Maine, proponents for medical use have chosen to fight the organizers of this all-important mission rather than tender their su...

Mexico OKs 2 More Permits to Import Medicinal Cannabis

The Mexican government is letting the parents of two more sick girls import a cannabis-derived medicine for their treatment.

Federal Judge Rules to Allow Pot Leaf on Official ISU Apparel

When Iowa State University made the decision several years ago to ban a t-shirt created by the college’s NORML chapter, depicting a pot leaf in the design, the administration probably never once considered that their attempt at censoring the group would le...

Native American Church Schism Sues for Right to Cannabis

A seemingly schismatic Oregon branch of the Native American Church claims the US government illegally seized its sacramental cannabis—and is fighting in court to get it back. 

Vermont Senate Committee Pushes Through Marijuana Legalization Bill

Marijuana prohibition in Vermont could be terminal – possibly with less than six months to live – as the state legislature seems to be ferociously gunning to become the first group of bipartisan lawmakers in American history with enough sense to pull the ...



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