High Times Presents: The U.S. Cannabis Cup


US Supreme Court Ruling Could End Legal Marijuana Sales

Although the Obama Administration advised the U.S. Supreme Court in 2015 not to waste any time entertaining a lawsuit brought forth by Oklahoma and Nebraska that suggests Colorado’s legal marijuana market is causing “irreparable injury” due to ...

Anti-Drug Vigilantes Heat Up Burma's Opium Zone

With the harvest season just weeks away, tensions are high in Burma's opium-producing Kachin state following a series of clashes between opium-growing peasants and a local citizen anti-drug movement.

Indonesia Considers Force-Feeding Dealers with Drugs until They Die

In addition to Indonesia’s already horrific punishments for drug dealers, including publicly executing large-scale traffickers by firing squad, Al Jazeera recently reported that the country’s National Narcotics Agency is considering force-feedin...

Georgia Wants to Force Even More Patients into Drug Trafficking

Georgia lawmakers have devised a clever scheme to provide patients with the illusion of an expansion to the state’s medical marijuana law without actually giving those suffering from debilitating conditions access to cannabis products.  

Iran: Every Man in Village 'Executed on Drug Charges'

Amid the alarming surge in executions by Iran comes the news that every man in one village has apparently been executed on drug charges.    



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