High Times Presents: The U.S. Cannabis Cup


HIGH TIMES Legislative Roundup: March 7

It has been a productive week in the fight to reform the ridiculous laws against marijuana that continue to plague the United States. Some of the biggest news this week comes from Ohio, where advocates have published the details of a major initiative aimed at legalizing m...

US Legalization Forcing Mexican Drug Cartels Out of the Marijuana Business

Although there are only a handful of states operating fully legal cannabis markets in the United States, they appear to be chipping away at the financial foundation of the Mexican drug cartels. Indeed, while Uncle Sam has maintained a disastrous four-decade-long plan inte...

Tech's Lax Analysis Raises Questions on His 7,800 Drug Cases

The New Jersey attorney general's office has notified prosecutors that a lab technician failed to properly analyze evidence in a drug case, calling into question more than 7,800 criminal cases he's worked on over the last decade.

Maine Fails to Get Recreational Marijuana Initiative on the Ballot

One of marijuana legalization’s projected sure things for 2016 was dealt a significant blow earlier this week that could prevent Maine voters from having the opportunity to approve a recreational cannabis industry in the November election.

Right to Film Cops in Dispute in Philly Federal Case

According to the Philly Voice, the Pennsylvania ACLU is planning to appeal a decision made last month by a federal court stating that a citizen has no First Amendment right to record police activity without a specific, critical reason for doi...



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