High Times Presents: The U.S. Cannabis Cup


Los Angeles Bans Already-Banned Dispensaries in Unincorporated Areas

Some medical marijuana dispensaries operating in Los Angeles County could soon be forced to shut down due to a new ordinance that makes it absolutely illegal for property owners to rent space to these types of businesses.  

Union: State Shouldn't Have Fired Man for Smoking Pot on Job

The state Supreme Court will hear arguments on whether a state employee fired for smoking marijuana on the job was punished too harshly.  

Man Says Marijuana, Not Legal Scrapes, Led to Kids' Removal

A Navy veteran seeking to get five of his children back from state custody in Kansas says his use of medical marijuana to treat PTSD - not the family's past scrapes with the law - prompted the state's action.

Businesses in Massachusetts Warn Against Marijuana Legalization

A new survey from the Associated Industries of Massachusetts (AIM) found that 62 percent of businesses in the state oppose legalizing cannabis. Massachusetts's voters will decide on whether to legalize personal cannabis consumption in November through a ball...

Was Police Dog Sniff Outside Connecticut Condo Door Legal?

A Connecticut marijuana bust has turned into a potential precedent-setting case on whether apartment and condo dwellers have the same rights as house owners when it comes to police using drug-sniffing dogs outside their homes.  



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