High Times Presents: The U.S. Cannabis Cup


U.S. Senate Votes to Give Veterans Access to Medical Marijuana

Federal lawmakers are working once again to provide military veterans with hassle-free access to state medical marijuana programs.  

Dozens Arrested in Denver-Area Pot Raids Targeting Exporters

Police and federal agents arrested more than 40 people and seized piles of pot plants and elaborate growing equipment Thursday during raids of homes and warehouses throughout the Denver area, part of a multi-state investigation into the illegal distribution of marijuana o...

Will Lawmakers or Activists Legalize Medical Marijuana in Ohio?

Ohio officials say they will introduce a medical marijuana bill, but activists with Ohioans for Medical Marijuana will continue their ballot initiative. 

Surveillance of Activists Latest Chicago Police Scandal

A statement from the American Civil Liberties Union of Illinois on "unsettling" reports of Chicago police monitoring peaceful protest groups has been released, and it is calling for City Council hearings on the claims.

Pennsylvania Will Become 24th State to Legalize Medical Marijuana

Pennsylvania will inevitably become the twenty-fourth state in the nation to legalize a comprehensive program that allows patients suffering from with a variety of conditions to use medical marijuana.



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