High Times Presents: The U.S. Cannabis Cup


Colombia to Resume Glyphosate Spraying

Colombia's Defense Minister Luis Carlos Villegas announced this week that his forces will resume use of glyphosate to eradicate coca crops—less than a year after suspending the spray program on cancer concerns.

Members of Congress Ask Obama to Lift Medical Marijuana Research

Several members of Congress have banded together in an attempt to pressure President Obama into eliminating some of the restrictions that have made it next to impossible for the scientific community to study the medicinal benefits of the cannabis plant.

Drug Warriors and Reform Advocates Debate Rescheduling Marijuana

Should marijuana be rescheduled?

High Court Rejects Appeal Over Stiff Marijuana Sentence

The Supreme Court has turned away an appeal from a 76-year-old Alabama man who was sentenced to life in prison without parole for possessing less than three pounds of marijuana that he said he grew for personal use.

HIGH TIMES Legislative Roundup: April 18

It was a big week in the fight to legalize marijuana in the United States. Some of the most exciting news comes from Pennsylvania, where lawmakers there have finally legalized a comprehensive medical marijuana program. There was also some momentum in Rhode Island to estab...



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