High Times Presents: The U.S. Cannabis Cup


Police: Man Died While Unloading $12 Million in Marijjuana

A Connecticut man died while unloading $12 million worth of marijuana in suburban Atlanta and police said Wednesday no foul play was suspected.

Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom: Marijuana Legalization in California Is Not a Done Deal

Although Sean Parker’s controversial marijuana ballot measure is considered by some to be the great green hope in terms of bringing prohibition to an end in California later this year, many advocates for the initiative, including Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newso...

Uruguay Marks First Legal Cannabis Harvest

This week, the two companies responsible for cannabis production in Uruguay began the country's first legal harvest, claiming some 300 grams each from hundreds of plants grown in licensed indoor or greenhouse operations.   

High Court Says Government Can Prosecute Drug Robbery

The Supreme Court says the government can prosecute a robbery of drug dealers under federal law without having to show that the drugs were intended for interstate commerce.

SCOTUS Deals New Blow to Fourth Amendment

On Monday, the Supreme Court ruled that evidence discovered during an illegal police stop may still be used in court—with the caveat that the officers conducted their search after learning that the suspect had an outstanding arrest warrant. 



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