High Times Presents: The U.S. Cannabis Cup


Poll: Majority of Americans Now Support Legalizing Pot

  For the first time in 40 years of surveys, a majority of Americans support legalizing pot. National polling on the issue of marijuana legalization began in 1969. While legalization has received growing support since the 1990s, 2013 marks the first time suc...

Czech Medical Pot Program Begins

  Medical marijuana is now legal in the Czech Republic. The medical cannabis program took effect Monday after being approved by parliament in January.   The Czech Republic is considered liberal in its approach to pot – possession of half a...

Florida Officials Out of Touch

The disconnect between Florida residents and politicians continues as a medical marijuana bill failed to get a hearing in the state House and Senate despite the fact that polling indicates 70 percent of Floridians favor legalizing medicinal pot.

Colombia Will Fight Drug Addiction with Pot

Officials in Bogotá, Colombia are currently considering a program that would use marijuana to help those addicted to hard drugs kick their deadly habit.

New Medical Pot Laws in Michigan

  n 2008, Michigan voters overwhelmingly passed a state medical marijuana law, which enabled a thriving industry to take root. But in 2010, Bill Schuette was elected state Attorney General and instantly set about dismantling the program. He was behind a...



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