High Times Presents: The U.S. Cannabis Cup


Big Tobacco Feared Healthy Marijuana…Still Does

The latest paper from the Center for Tobacco Control Research and Education at UC San Francisco shows that tobacco company executives of the 1970s feared legalized marijuana as a product that would become a healthier alternative to their tobacco cigarettes and considered ...

Attorney Introduces Tolerance into Stoned Driving Defense

The issues surrounding the potential dangers of stoned driving are being argued this week in a New York courtroom, where prosecutors are attempting to place the head of 17-year-old Joseph Beer under the proverbial guillotine because they say he was high on marijuana at th...

Medical Marijuana Gains More Momentum

The medical marijuana industry is well on its way to being cut lose from the short leash of the federal government, which will allow dispensaries the freedom to operate in legal states without being bullied by Uncle Sam’s henchmen. The US House of Representative pre...

Study: Alcohol Linked to Psychosis, Not Marijuana

While scientific minds have often placed marijuana under the Technicolor microscope only to emerge with grim details, which point towards a psychotic horizon for the lifelong stoner, new research has surfaced that suggests previous studies had it all wrong: it i...

Prosecutor to Congress: The Drug War Is "Race Neutral"

According to federal government surveys, on an annual basis 14.4% of African-Americans and 12.4% of European-Americans use marijuana.



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