High Times Presents: The U.S. Cannabis Cup


Dutch Rolling Out Pot-Scented Cards

A scratch and sniff experiment launched three years ago to combat illegal weed plantations has gone nationwide in the Netherlands.

Colorado Doctor Convicted for Prescribing Medical Marijuana

A Colorado court recently convicted a physician of prescribing marijuana without first conducting the necessary exam procedures required by law.

Seniors Busted for Weed, Pills and Honesty

An elderly couple, on vacation from Colorado, was busted in Connecticut earlier this week for felony drug possession after a routine traffic stop led officers to unleash their dogs on the couple’s motor home.

Prison Guard Used Vinegar to Smuggle Weed

Smugglers searching for innovative methods to transport marijuana without getting tossed into the poky might want to avoid experimenting with vinegar to mask the pungent odor of their product.

23 Tons of Pot Seized in Record Bust

Turkish authorities seized a record-setting 23 tons of marijuana in the country’s biggest-ever pot bust. Police in Diyarbakir province carried out the raid with a massive show of force in a joint operation with anti-smuggling and organized crime inves...



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