High Times Presents: The U.S. Cannabis Cup


Amsterdam Cannabis Cup: Night Falls on Wednesday

Today ends as it began: Air that feels cold and crisp on the skin and tinged with the scent of cannabis. Cannabis Cup judges hit the streets today with one mission in mind, visit as many coffeeshops and test as many strains as possible. The lucky few that got though all o...

Amsterdam Cannabis Cup: Coffeeshop Crawl Today!

It’s Wednesday morning here in Amsterdam and the day is dawning overcast and chilly, but we’re betting that won’t stop HIGH TIMES Cannabis Cup judges from making their rounds of the city’s coffeeshops today.   

Green Friday and After Danksgiving Sales Set to Get Underway

Retail pot shops in Colorado and Washington are preparing to take advantage of their first holiday shopping season since the recreational marijuana market was launched earlier this year, and that includes special deals for Black - nee Green - Friday. But with regulations ...

What Do Washington State Marijuana DUI Numbers Tell Us?

The media in Washington State are trumpeting the headline “Marijuana DUIs spike following legalization.“ As TV news station KXLY in Spokane, Washington, reported, the Washington State Patrol’s Toxicology Lab produced 988 THC-positive tests from drivers i...

2014 Amsterdam Cannabis Cup Wraps

There is a stronger feeling of protest in the air at the 27th annual Cannabis Cup than in the previous couple of years. No wonder, with the powers-that-be attempting to close the Cup down at every turn. Happily, they did not succeed: we are here and doing our be...



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