High Times Presents: The U.S. Cannabis Cup


Controversial "Heroin Pill" Hits the Market This Month

The Food and Drug Administration recently approved a controversial new painkiller called Zohydro ER that both federal and state lawmakers believe is destined to become a scourge on society; a tightened noose already around the necks of those struggling with pres...

44 Tons of Pot Seized in Tijuana

Mexico’s attorney general announced over the weekend that 44 tons (88,000 pounds) of marijuana – intended to be smuggled into the US – were seized in the Mexican border tourist town Tijuana on May 1.   The AG’s office stated that the Mexic...

TSA Busts Woman Smuggling 81 Pounds of Weed

Sliding through airport security with a small stash of weed might get you busted, but attempting to smuggle several suitcases loaded up with more than 80 pounds of marijuana… well, that will most likely get you busted.  

The Story of Lowe’s Marijuana Job Discrimination in Colorado

As Colorado continues evolving as the first state with a constitutionally protected right to grow and consume cannabis, the prohibitionists in the state stand at the vanguard, eager to sound the alarm at what they perceive to be the greatest public policy failure since th...

New Survey: Americans Are Not Snitches

Americans are not snitches. At least that appears to be the consensus of a recent HufPost/YouGov poll that finds even those opposed to legalized marijuana would never call the police on a neighbor for smoking pot.



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