High Times Presents: The U.S. Cannabis Cup


Website Offers Contest Winners Free Weed for a Year

Nothing makes people happier than free weed. At least this appears to be the hope of a new Canadian website, who as part of their “Get Happy Canada” contest, plans to award one lucky patient with a one year’s supply of complimentary medical marijuana.

What Happened to Marijuana Legalization in Oregon?

As an Oregonian, you know things are going well for marijuana legalization in your state when there are three opportunities to end adult marijuana prohibition… and the conservative one would legalize personal possession of an ounce of concentrates, a half-pound of ...

Brooklyn Marijuana Farm Creates Community Hotbox

The next time you consider establishing an illegal marijuana grow operation, there are a few crucial technical elements you must first consider in order to avoid watching the fruits of your labors go up in a cloud of felonious smoke: a heavy-duty power cord should probabl...

Study: Synthetic Marijuana Causes Catatonic Psychosis

Since the dawning of synthetic marijuana, there have been reports of side effects. The latest horror story to surface involving man-made weed comes from a group of Spanish researchers, who in their latest paper, imply the drug has now contributed to a frightening case of ...

Cancer Patient on Trial for Marijuana in Iowa

Three generations of an Iowa family face various levels of marijuana-related charges in the case of Benton Mackenzie. Mackenzie, 48, suffers from terminal angiosarcoma – a cancer of the inner lining of blood cells that can strike any area of the body. He u...



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