High Times Presents: The U.S. Cannabis Cup


County Sees More Legal Marijuana Sales Than Retail Sales of Wine, Bread or Milk

The amount of money spent on legal marijuana sales in Spokane County last year was larger than the retail sales of wine, bread or milk.

HIGH TIMES Legislative Roundup: April 11

As we near the election season, debate about marijuana legalization seems to be heating up more and more.  

Pot-in-Schools Debate Returns to Colorado

A new Colorado law allowing medical marijuana use at public schools is getting a second look. That's because no school districts are allowing it, even though the law says they can.

Ted Cruz Says States Should Have the Right to Legalize Weed Without Federal Intervention

Ted Cruz and his stance on marijuana legalization. 

Drug Smuggler and 'Mr. Nice' Author Howard Marks Dies at 70

Howard Marks, a convicted drug smuggler who reinvented himself as an author, raconteur and drug-reform campaigner after publishing best-selling autobiography "Mr. Nice," has died of cancer at age 70.



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