High Times Presents: The U.S. Cannabis Cup


Man Busted After Discussing Marijuana on 911 Call

A man has been arrested in Middle Tennessee after dispatchers heard him discussing drugs on an accidental 911 call.  

Philly: Largest City to Decriminalize Weed

After a lengthy summer of indecision surrounding whether Philadelphia mayor Michael Nutter would choose to veto or sign an ordinance into law decriminalizing the possession of small amounts of marijuana, it appears the city finally has its answer.

Baltimore Police Publicly Sodomize Man While Looking for Drugs

The mean streets of the drug war are full of uniformed scoundrels who are just itching to shakedown the average citizen for drug possession. In the past, theses underhanded stop and search tactics have ended in a myriad of unjust and outrageous police actions ranging from...

Mexico: A New Pax Mafiosa?

Amid growing concern about horrific human rights abuses by Mexico's security forces, Amnesty International on Sept. 4 issued a report, aptly entitled "Out of Control," harshly criticizing the Mexican government for its failure to adequately investigate alleg...

Two Men Abandon 937 Pounds of Weed at Cali Border

Border Patrol agents in Calexico, Calif. say they found 937 pounds of marijuana in an abandoned vehicle near the border after two men moved a barricade and entered the United States.  



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