High Times Presents: The U.S. Cannabis Cup


SCOTUS Deals New Blow to Fourth Amendment

On Monday, the Supreme Court ruled that evidence discovered during an illegal police stop may still be used in court—with the caveat that the officers conducted their search after learning that the suspect had an outstanding arrest warrant. 

Congress Pushing for Changes to Federal Marijuana Research Policy

A recent report from the Santa Cruz Sentinel indicates that Representative Sam Farr of Washington, along with a band of cronies, including Congressmen Earl Blumenauer of Oregon, H. Morgan Griffith of Virginia, and Maryland’s Andy Harris — t...

Legal Weed Sparks Colorado Debate—Why Not Allow Pot Clubs?

Legal marijuana is giving Colorado a stinky conundrum. Visitors can buy the drug, but they can't use it public. Or a rental car. Or most hotel rooms. Some legalization advocates believe they have a solution - pot clubs.

Sonoma Cannabis Company Back in Business Days After Raid

Within 48 hours of the June 15 DEA raid on the facilities of his cannabis extracts company in Santa Rosa, Dennis Franklin Hunter was released without charges—and the enterprise, Care By Design (CBD), is back in operation. 

HIGH TIMES Legislative Roundup: June 20

Some of the biggest news of the week comes from Washington D.C, where the U.S. Senate has taken action to allow banking services for the cannabis industry. Other highlights include a push in Pennsylvania to legalize marijuana for recreational purposes, as well as support ...



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