High Times Presents: The U.S. Cannabis Cup


The Story of Lowe’s Marijuana Job Discrimination in Colorado

As Colorado continues evolving as the first state with a constitutionally protected right to grow and consume cannabis, the prohibitionists in the state stand at the vanguard, eager to sound the alarm at what they perceive to be the greatest public policy failure since th...

New Survey: Americans Are Not Snitches

Americans are not snitches. At least that appears to be the consensus of a recent HufPost/YouGov poll that finds even those opposed to legalized marijuana would never call the police on a neighbor for smoking pot.

3rd-Graders Caught Toking Up Before Snack Time

The Huffington Post reports our tiny tokers decided to get a little blazed before snack time so that they could grub down hard on some cookies and milk.

Uruguay Calls Colorado Pot Laws 'A Fiction'

After the long awaited release of Uruguay's official marijuana laws, President Jose Mujica has opened up about his views on the legal marijuana landscape as it exists today. As for Colorado -- "Pepe" had some less than complementary things to ...

Stiff Posture and Acne Are Now Reasonable Suspicion

A federal appeals court in New Mexico recently decided that properly operating a vehicle, in accordance with the laws of the road, is reasonable suspicion for police to conduct a traffic stop, even when there is no evidence to suggest a motorist is guilty of breaking any ...



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