High Times Presents: The U.S. Cannabis Cup


First Marijuana Planted for Medical Use in Chile

A Chilean municipality planted the country's first medical marijuana on Wednesday as part of a pilot program aimed to help ease the pain of cancer patients.

A Look at Marijuana Laws in Latin America

Here's a look at the status of marijuana laws in some countries in Latin America and the Caribbean.  

HIGH TIMES Legislative Roundup: 2014 Election

Election Day is here in America, with two states and the District of Columbia champing at the bit to decide on whether to legalize recreational marijuana in some form or fashion. Meanwhile, Florida voters will head to the polls on Tuesday to determine the fate of the stat...

Dying For Pot in a MedMJ State

The Oregon marijuana activism community, still giddy from celebrating our legalization win, was brought back down to earth with news of the passing of the great Jim 

Oregon TV Station Gives Cops Free Anti-Weed Ad

We’re less than a week away from voting to legalize marijuana in Oregon under Measure 91. The Yes on 91 campaign has bankrolled millions in donations and is airing pro-legalization advertisements on television stations across the state. 



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