High Times Presents: The U.S. Cannabis Cup


HIGH TIMES Legislative Roundup: Sept. 8

A new poll released last week finds that nearly 60 percent of the American population supports putting an end to prohibition and establishing a marijuana market similar to the alcohol industry. The Civil Science online poll, which captured the responses of over 450,000 pe...

Marijuana Legalization Vote Erupts in Name Calling

Oregon's upcoming vote on whether to legalize marijuana has generated a name-calling dispute between a congressman who wants to overhaul federal marijuana policy and a prominent district attorney who has been speaking out about the dangers of pot.  ...

Marijuana Workers Risk Federal Prosecution

Regardless of the job one holds in the marijuana industry, business owners and employees in legal states still face federal prosecution each day they report to work. The glass house illusion surrounding the newly legalized pot market is that state laws provide protection,...

2014 US Cannabis Cup Seattle: Day Two Winds Down

Day two is coming to a close here in Everett. This year's US Cannabis Cup is a unmitigated success. As the vendors wind down, the stage is coming to life. Next up? The 2014 US Cannabis Cup Seattle awards show, during which we will find out who has won top honors. We w...

2014 US Cannabis Cup Seattle: Day Two is in Effect

Yesterday was a long day, but the crowd here in Everett is unaffected and having a ball. The seminars are packed with patrons interested in learning more about medicine and the booming industry of marijuana.



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