High Times Presents: The U.S. Cannabis Cup


Bernie Sanders to Introduce Bill to End Private Prisons, Marijuana Legalization Rumored to Come Next

Although Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders doesn’t appear quite ready to take a solid position on the subject of nationwide marijuana reform, he is, however, fully prepared to take on the beast of Capitol Hill to fight for changes in the way the country...

Judge Rules Against Pot-Eating Police: Video Allowed Into Evidence

On Wednesday, an Orange County Superior Court judge decided that a surveillance video from the Sky High medical marijuana dispensary, which captured a number of police officers eating pot edibles and poking fun at a disabled patient during a raid, does not violate Califor...

Colorado Rebrands Anti-Pot Campaign for Kids

Colorado launched a rebranding effort Thursday that seeks to keep people under 21 away from pot. The "What's Next" campaign aims to send the message that marijuana can keep youths from achieving their full potential.

What's In Synthetic Cannabis and Why Is It So Dangerous?

First things first, the products people refer to as synthetic cannabis not only do not contain cannabis, they don’t even really contain synthetic cannabinoids. The synthetic compounds that the semi-illicit incense manufacturers spray onto random herbs were designed ...



Important notice for Seattle US Cannabis Cup attendees.
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