High Times Presents: The U.S. Cannabis Cup


Republicans On Reefer: Marijuana Probably an Issue In Tonight’s Debate

The elephant-eared candidates of the presidential grind house are set to battle it out tonight in Boulder, Colorado in what will be the third Republican debate. Although mainstream media reports indicate that tonight’s public interrogation will focus on th...

Incorrect Grammar Foils Arkansas Marijuana Initiative

Marijuana advocates in Arkansas are apparently in such a hurry to legalize the leaf in their neck of the woods that they are submitting ballot language to the state chock-full of grammatical errors.

Disturbing Dash Cam Footage Surfaces of Teen Killed by Cop Over Marijuana

Prosecutors announced on Tuesday that the South Carolina police officer who fatally shot 19-year-old Zachary Hammond during a pot bust this summer will not face criminal charges. The decision was based on a review of graphic dash cam footage&...

Maine Initiatives Join Forces to Bring Down Prohibition, Other States Should Take Note

Two marijuana advocacy groups working to make Maine one of the next states to legalize a recreational cannabis industry have decided—rather than continue to fight over semantics—to form a wicked alliance in an effort to get one solid initiative on the ballot i...

Iran Considers Cannabis Legalization?

Oxford University scholar Maziyar Ghiabi has published a startling piece on Britain's The Conversation website (reprinted in The Independent) asserting that Iran's leaders are considering legalization of cannabis and opium.



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