Sensi Seeds/Sensi Seed Club

Out of the spent ashes of these earliest seed bank pioneers arose the mighty Sensi Seeds. Founder Ben Dronkers and sons Alan and Ravi created and manage an empire that's extended into store ownership and a thriving hemp/flax business. Ben began collecting genetics in the 1970's and officially began the Sensi Seed Club in 1988, then partnered up with the Seed Bank in 1991 to form the Sensi Seed Bank. The winner of more pot prizes than any other seed company in history and the founder of the Hash Marijuana Hemp Museum, Sensi is also one of the oldest of the seed companies still doing business today. Strains such as Superskunk and Hindu Kush have already ensured Sensi's place in ganja-genetics history, but the folks at Sensi are not done yet-they've introduced new strains this year and plan to continue well into the future.