Mr. Nice Seeds

Shantibaba originally worked with legendary breeder Nevl Shoenmaker and helped found the Green House Seed Company in the early 1990's. Since moving on to form a partnership with Howard Marks, the legendary smuggler known as "Mr. Nice", Shanti has earned great renown for his uncompromising beliefs and impressive list of award-winning genetics.

Strains such as Critical Mass, G-13 Widow and the esteemed classic Nevil's Haze cement his glory as a true ganja guru. His outdoor wonder Early Queen actually changed the possibilities for growers at higher altitudes or latitudes with its short finishing time and ability to withstand harsh conditions.

Shanti has always been known for choosing parents from large populations ensuring the strongest of hybrid vigor and stability of grow characteristics in his seeds. Mr. Nice Seed Bank institutionally refuses to produce feminized seeds, choosing to distribute natural males and females and letting the growers pick their favorites.