High Bred Seeds

The Joint Doctor, the innovator behind High Bred Seeds, became an instant legend in 2003 when he released the original Lowrider, a ruderalis-inflected strain that flowers automatically in any amount of light. This quick trigger enables growers in northern climates to harvest within their window before frosts and molds attack, while keeping the plants easy to conceal. The next generation of auto-flowering plants is quite possibly one of the biggest innovations in ganja genetics in many years. Europeans are delighted with the results of these seeds, which can go from planting to harvest in 90 days or less while staying short and stout. Despite some initial skepticism, the compact nuggets are getting stronger and stronger in potency and taste as new genetics are crossed into these strains. The latest High Bred catalog includes several new auto-flowering strains, including feminized versions of Lowryder #1 and Lowryder #2.

Contact: lowryder.co.uk