Chimera Seeds

"An expert on all things cannabis related", the Canadian breeder known as Chimera's been releasing small batches of beans from certified heirloom and heritage parent stock for over a decade. Years of specializing in strains with cerebral qualities, fruity notes and colorful plumage resulted in some of Vancouver's most classic buds.

Chimera has long been known for taking his time and making careful selections based on study and experience. His C-4 (Federation Seeds Cotton Candy x Spice of Life's Shiskeberry Red), Grape Krush, Schnazzleberry, Calizahr, and outdoor performer Guerrilla Gold have earned praise far from their origins.

Collaborations or "Joint Projects" as they call them with '07 Hall of Famer DJ Short include Fighting Buddha, C-Plus (Chimera's over 25 year old Aeric77 California Orange clone dusted with DJ's famous Blueberry), the phenomenal Mental Floss (Cotton Candy x Blueberry) and Breeder Steve's Grapefruit x Blueberry.