How to tell whether your horny plant is male, female or hermaphrodite.

* The flowering process for both males and females begins when plants are exposed to compete darkness for 12 or more continuous hours per day.

* Kept free of male pollen and fed with the finest in phosphorous-rich nutrients, females will swell in size, producing trichome-laden buds just begging to be consumed.

Growers are obsessed with sex. Above all, they want to know whether their pot plants are males or females. Female cannabis flowers form into the sticky buds we all desire, while males are virtually useless except to those interested in doing their own breeding. In fact, one male plant can ruin a whole crop of flowering virgin females by pollinating them, filling the buds with seeds and wasting all their blooming energy on pregnancy instead of swelling nuggets.

Is it possible to determine the plant's sex while it's still in seed form? Unless the seeds come from suppliers who specifically breed female seeds, this isn't possible. Plants must be grown out to determine whether they're males or females.