Why Organics?
Pouring salts and chemicals onto a dead medium and then down the drain does unnecessary damage to your local environment, polluting rivers, lakes and oceans. One look at some of the results of chemical agribusiness runoff, such as the Salton Sea in Southern California, and you'll see why nonorganic nutrients are never advisable: Rotting fish carcasses float on the salty foam of a dead sea, and the whole area reeks with a foul stench that's clearly man-made. This isn't the woodsy, earthy smell of natural decay prevalent in a compost pile; it's the acrid odor of an early demise caused by overuse of chemicals.

Cannabis growers should feel an obligation to use a healthy, living soil to produce truly medicinal and connoisseur-quality pot. Now, most nutrient companies provide organic alternatives that won't clog drippers or stink up reservoirs, so even hydro growers can take advantage of more natural plant foods. Medicinal users growing their own buds should especially take note of organic methods. There's no longer any legitimate reason to use chemical formulas.