How to Harvest cont.
Periodically, clean your trimming equipment; that's the time to take a break and try some "scissor hash." Before you scrub the scissors with rubbing alcohol and a rag or paper towel, scrape the sticky residue off and pack a bowl. This is some of the strongest and spiciest smoke you'll ever try; it makes all the meticulous and sometimes boring busywork more fun. Stay vigilant and keep these breaks short; they have a tendency to extend further than planned.

Always hang your plants to dry in a dark room or closet. Humidity levels in the drying area should be approximately 50%-60% and the temperature should be between 60F-70F. Have a fan circulating air in the room but not directly blowing on the plants. Within 4-7 days, the buds will be crispy on the outside and ready to begin the curing process.

If you choose to cut individual branches, you can use them as hangers as well, eliminating the need for ties or clothespins. Each branch becomes its own hook to hang on the drying line. Make sure not to crowd the branches too close together; air movement around the buds reduces the risk of mold.

Some people reverse the trimming and drying process and hang their plants without manicuring them at all. They trim the leaves off the buds after drying the plants whole. This may be a bit more time-consuming but the finished product inevitably dries slower, and slow drying makes for tastier pot.