Never decide that your way is the best or only way to grow great buds. You should always stay on the lookout for new techniques and new strains to satisfy your inquisitive nature and expand your pot palette. Too many growers get bogged down in their own stubbornness and decide to stick to their guns regarding everything they've learned up to that point, when the idea is to always challenge yourself and keep your ear to the ground for new ideas.

This means experimenting from time to time. If something new can raise your yield by even 5%, that's a substantial increase in efficiency that you can continue to build upon and tweak. The curious grower never discounts new ideas, equipment or techniques without proper analysis.

A good experiment won't endanger your whole grow. Try a new nutrient on one plant and see how it responds. Always be measured and patient; don't allow yourself to become wary of new techniques. Expert growers learn something new with every harvest. The key to staying ahead of the curve is to allow your curiosity to flourish.
Remember, it's not a contest: We all love the same plant, and there's hundreds of ways to grow her right. Arrogant growers love to put down other people's nugs and argue for days about why nobody can produce better pot than they can. These types actually end up infusing some of that negative and competitive energy into their plants.

If you love what you're doing, you're already winning. Take pride in your agricultural accomplishments, but never become the "human buzz-kill" personality, always seeking to one-up all comers-it's boring, and you're just compromising the integrity of other people's highs. Let your buds speak for themselves and the company you enjoy will enjoy themselves, too. Above all, remember that fame is fleeting and that real cannabis aficionados show enthusiasm and encouragement to everyone that shares our beloved hobby.