Realistic Expectations
Of course it's important to be goal-oriented, but never count your pounds before they're harvested. Too many farmers spend time guessing the final weight of their crops, only to be disappointed when the real tally doesn't match their hopes. Try to ignore this tempting impulse and set your goals wisely and realistically. You're not going to get 4 pounds per 1,000-watt lamp out of the gate every time, no matter how great you grow. You'll need to lower those kinds of outlandish expectations in order to maintain your motivation at all times, good and bad. A realistic grower considers many factors and weighs the pros and cons of all decisions and possible outcomes.

Rent, electricity and various equipment costs must be acknowledged and accounted for before embarking on a serious growing project. Unforeseen costs and glitches in scheduling and timing can quickly add up to thousands of dollars in expenses and months lost in unanticipated delay. Knowing and properly anticipating these type of events can make the difference between long-term success and season after season of frustration.

Attentiveness to Plant Needs
Cannabis as a cultivar isn't all that hard to please: Ask an orchid or African-violet grower if you want a better understanding of fussy plants and how frustrating it can be to provide them with everything they need. You'll find there's a good reason that people call marijuana "weed."

Pot plants want to grow and will do just about anything to survive harsh environments. The idea is to provide the proper atmosphere at all times and severely limit fluctuations in temperature, feeding and airflow. In this way, you'll avoid the stress that can cause devastating delays in growth or worse. Be meticulous!

Read books on cultivation (not just cannabis books) and pay attention to the theory as well as the execution. Understanding all the various elements of plant growth is an absolutely necessary skill that can't be fudged for too long without problems arising. Pay attention to nutritional requirements during the various stages and act accordingly. Your final results will astound you!