Beware of short cuts and quick fixes that minimize the hard work and focus required to prosper. An effective ganja garden always rewards the grower who practices the following seven important rules of conduct.

When it comes to your garden, whether medical or not, silence is always golden. It's tempting to brag and show off your hard work, but that can only lead to problems down the road. Growers who live "out in the open" tend to be the ones easily targeted by police and thieves.

Never throw big parties or let people hang out all day smoking weed, and don't have foot traffic coming in and out all the time. Suspicious stuff like this has been the downfall of many a pot prospector. Create the illusion that you're invisible and harmless to neighbors-simply another citizen going about your life. Whether purchasing lighting, moving equipment into your chosen space or interacting with locals, it always helps to keep a low profile.

By the same token, don't allow yourself to become too paranoid. Freaky behavior, such as blocking off all your windows or avoiding interaction with neighbors, is a tip-off that something's not right.
Be friendly, but not too friendly. Never panic or antagonize those around you-keeping the peace is always in your best interests if you want success harvest after harvest.