Screen of Green (ScrOG)

A new growing technique developed by personal-use growers to maximize yields indoors, the Screen of Green method encourages plants to grow horizontally to create a flat canopy of buds. Cultivators use chicken wire or something similar above the growing branches. This labor-intensive approach pays huge dividends, doubling indoor harvests for minimal cost.

ScrOG Growing Tips

* Use MH lighting during vegetative growth to limit the space between nodes. Short internodes encourage stocky, bushier plants.

* During vegetative growth, train the individual branches to grow along the bottom of the trellis.

* Begin the flowering period by changing the light timer to a 12-hour-on/12-hour-off cycle, when the canopy is only 40% filled. This allows branches to fill all the remaining space during the early flowering "stretch" period.

* Tuck growing shoots under the wire as they poke up through the holes. Once flowers begin to form, discontinue the training and watch your screen fill with bud sites.

* Harvest carefully, removing the screen to avoid bruising your fresh flowers.