High Times Presents: The U.S. Cannabis Cup


A Vision of Duty-Free Marijuana

if a government is aware of the deadly stats attributed to booze and cigarettes, why would it ignore its responsibility to protect its citizens – remaining “duty-free?"

Watch: How Marijuana Can Help Obesity

Our friends from SourceFed have a great vid that sums up how marijuana can help obesity in a little over two minutes.

RAW and Wiz Khalifa Team Up

RAW and Wiz Khalifa have teamed up to create RAW's first branded product: Classic Khalifa: The Wiz Pack. The rolling papers come with filters and something that has been missing from rolling paper packs since forever: a poker.

Drug Memes You Should Know: [10] Guy

This meme could have been starring you (still could be). You've had this same night. Hell, you've had this for a whole weekend. This isn't judgment, I promise you -- I've been in the same sinking boat.....yeah, this definitely could have been me...&nb...

FOX Online: We Cultivate Hatred

HIGH TIMES caught up with the team behind the satirical social experiment of FOX Online. Shut down by Facebook and scorned by many online who don't understand the satire, this team has been preying on the unethical ridiculousness that Fox News portrays as reporting on...



Important notice for Seattle US Cannabis Cup attendees.
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