High Times Presents: The U.S. Cannabis Cup


Are Santa’s Reindeer Tripping Shrooms?

Do Santa's reindeer need help from a certain substance to carry a sleigh full of toys for every child on the planet? Or were the people that first thought of the legend of Santa Claus under the effects of Mother Nature's most powerful and legendary mushroom?

Designer Purses Mask the Smell of Your Stash

For all the stylish stoners out there, hiding your stash just got a whole lot easier. 

Stoner Sex: Super Sexual Chemistry, Public Shaming & Jealous Partners

Hyapatia Lee answers all of your questions regarding cannabis and sexuality.

Research Says Cannabis Affects Intestinal Flora And May Prevent Obesity

Canadian researchers have recently published a study that shows the potential cannabis has for preventing and treating obesity. Mice fed a high-fat diet with daily THC administration gained significantly less weight than those without THC. Cannabis may have some protectiv...

6 Things YOU Can Do for Cannabis Prisoners

As you go about celebrating the holidays this year, take a moment out of your busy schedule to support those paying the highest price in the war on weed—those incarcerated. Prison existence is bleak anytime but especially so during the holidays. 



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