High Times Presents: The U.S. Cannabis Cup


Radical Rant: If You Want Unity, Stop Voting For My Criminality

I just finished up my tenth Seattle Hempfest (nice seeing you, Mr. Cusick!). In addition to the rain-out we experienced on Friday, there was a dark cloud of emotion hanging over the event in the wake of drastic amendments to the Washington medical marijuana...

Israel's 'King' of Medical Marijuana Profiled

Israeli newspaper Haaretz on Aug. 15 featured an interview with the "King of Israel's Medical Marijuana Industry," Aharon Lutzky—who rose to this position by chance.

How the Pot Pretext Gives Police Too Much Power

Police reliance on the pot pretext remains one of the great costs of prohibition and one of the strongest reasons why marijuana legalization advances civil liberties and justice for all Americans. For many cops, it’s not about pot. It’s about power.

420 Games Aim to Fight Stoner Stereotypes

Students, accountants, businessmen, housewives and many others in green T-shirts and all wearing the number 420 raced Saturday to change the stereotypical images of marijuana smokers as lazy and lethargic stoners who binge on junk food.



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