High Times Presents: The U.S. Cannabis Cup


Newspaper Changes Tune on Marijuana Legalization After Pressure From Billionaire Owner

The Las Vegas Review-Journal recently published an editorial urging Nevadans to vote no on legalizing marijuana. While a local paper coming out against legalization is not necessarily notable, up until recently, the Review-Journal has co...

Introducing the Vapir Prima Portable Vaporizer

The Vapir Prima is a stealthy and stylish, portable vaporizer that works with both cannabis and concentrates. The pocket-sized, brushed aluminum unit features a deep bowl that can hold .20 grams of ground pot. The Prima also comes with three stainless steel mesh...

The Top 11 Pot-Smoking Countries in Europe

According to the 2016 Annual Drug Report, pot comes up as the most commonly-used illicit substance in Europe.  

Are Weed Gummy Bears Worth Fighting For?

 Colorado's recent move to ban cannabis-infused gummy bears is the latest salvo in the struggle for reasonable regulation of the edibles industry.

Pot Matters: The Lesson of the Paraphernalia Wars

These are great times for marijuana law reform. But the empire can strike back, and it will. Learn the lessons of history. Cannabis consumers and commercial interests must increase their support for political action—financially, politically and most importantly, eth...



Important notice for Seattle US Cannabis Cup attendees.
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