High Times Presents: The U.S. Cannabis Cup


Pro-Pot Billboard Debuts at Phoenix PGA Golf Open

The Waste Management-sponsored Phoenix Golf Open is already known as one of the PGA’s biggest parties. And now, pot lovers are getting in on the fun.  

Smoking Marijuana Is Legal, but Ashtrays Are Not in Ontario Cannabis Lounge

While it is perfectly acceptable to smoke weed in Canada’s newly opened medicinal cannabis lounge in downtown Windsor, patrons are being required to flick their ashes on the floor because health officials claim it is a 

High Horoscopes | Feb. 4, 2016

The HIGH TIMES weekly astrological forecast, complete with strain recommendations!  

Live From Las Vegas! Smokin' Pipes at CHAMPS

Once again, CHAMPS hosted its world famous trade show that caters to the most important sector in the cannabis industry -- those  who smoke pot! CHAMPS always showcases the best glass art pipes in the industry, as well as the best glass artists who compete in the Gla...

Edible Adventures at the SoCal Cup, Part 1

Our edibles editor explores a psychedelic wonderland in San Bernardino.



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